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Application Development

If you are looking for more than just a website, it is almost imperative that you contact us and allow us to assist in your decision process.


Creating an online application is a project that requires a proven methodology to initiate and complete.  We specialize in helping you develop the necessary business requirements to better illustrate the project's core objectives.  Without having this proper scope of work, the project is almost certain to lead to a disaster with regard to the output, expectations, and delivery of the application.

 can offer you, in most cases, the best deal.  How?  In many cases we can provide you with snippets of code that can be used for your application, decreasing your project's costs and delivery timeline.  Here is an example.


One of our clients, Insurance Claim Contractor Group, LLC (ICC), approached us looking to create an online directory as well as an online lead generation service.  We sat down with the owners and discussed what would be involved, what our clients should expect with regard to the actual application.  We also discussed what ICC would do to promote their new online services.  The last thing we wanted to do was help a company launch a new website with no plans on how to promote it and actually drive revenue into the new business.


ICC attained three other quotes for service and we were able to come in at about 50% lower costs with better delivery.  The largest reason was we were able to utilize previous code that was already developed, decreasing the programming hours and thus the cost.

Once the applications were completed, we focused on traffic.


Over the first 3 months we were able to assist ICC with email marketing campaigns, press releases and effective calls-to-action on their new site which lead to upswings in revenue to their company.


Here are a few online applications that we recently developed:


An online coupon search directory:


An online website and directory:


An online lead generation application:




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