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Why pay for leads online when you can get them yourself?  Why pay for leads that may not even be real, when you can get them from your own website?


To the right are two examples of websites that generate leads.  The first one is an online lead generation application that we developed where the company provides this as an add-on service to their own online marketing services, specifically for insurance claim contractors.


Online visitors can input specific information in an online form regarding a contractor service they are seeking a contractor for, and the system will forward that lead to participating contractors.  The system includes a back-end control panel where contractors are added, specific to their geographic location and their industry.  That way an online visitor is connected to the closest geographic contractor that specifically provides services needed. 


All of this is automatic.  We are currently working to get the leads that are generated online forwarded to the contractor's mobile phone, since leads online are leads that need to be communicated as quickly as possible.


To view this online lead generation application, click here.

The second item shown to the right is a website with specific calls to action, leading to online leads to a local contractor.  The online visitor fills out a specific form and the lead, which in essence provides all initial pertinent information, is given to the website owner.


The idea with this is to use your own website to generate your own online leads.  Doing so with a niche industry in a local market is not all that difficult a task.  This particular site was complete search engine optimized and currently ranks very high in most relevant keywords and keyword phrases.


To view this website, click here.


Contact us today.  We can provide you a more in-depth illustration as to how we can help you best generate leads online.


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