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About Our Online Marketing Company, of Berlin, CT is an online advertising service by Target Computers, Inc.  (Target has been in business for over 20 years in Connecticut).


We have the online marketing experience to help small businesses better understand what it takes to effectively marketing their businesses online.

Our business has been setup specifically to provide Internet marketing solutions at a very affordable cost. We offer plans to meet just about any and every budget. We understand that to market a business online effectively, there are multiple layers of marketing techniques that are involved, and a small business has to start somewhere. Our goal is to initiate the process and show enough results to provide a snowball effect of leading to fully creating a successful online marketing campaign. To expect a small business to get on board with a total online marketing campaign right out of the gate is not realistic. Like anything else related to business success - it takes time, effort, and patience.

We approach things differently. We first present the fundamentals to the prospective client and help educate them better on all aspects. The client then provides us a budget and regardless how small or large, we provide the best possible proposal for the allowable budget. Our end result is to build a relationship with our clients long enough to get them to fully understand and maintain their online marketing efforts in house.

Our prospective clients include small businesses of any size. Whether you are just starting up your business, a home office business offering services on a part time basis or a fully developed small business, we can help. Take a look at our services page to get a better understanding of the online marketing services we offer.

The company founder has been deeply involved with the Internet and small business marketing for over a decade and is anxious to provide you with a no obligation, FREE consultation. The consultation is about an hour long and well worth it. If nothing else, you will at least be more educated on how to effectively market your small business on the Internet.


Why Chose For Your Online Marketing Needs?

We are the perfect affordable online marketing solution provider for small business in Connecticut.

Why? The answer is simple, but a few fold... We understand Internet marketing and we help you better understand Internet marketing. We're very local, and we provide the means to measure your online advertising results. Even more importantly, we can provide you not only a better online marketing campaign than other local Internet marketing companies, but at less of a cost. We do not have a large rent or facilities based infrastructure to maintain and support, meaning we can focus on the actual marketing campaigns of our clients. And we can provide this online marketing solution at a very affordable rate that may surprise you.

If you would like us to consult you on another provider's proposal, in most cases we can get a lower cost to you form that provider. And your cost on doing that is nothing out of pocket. We simply ask for a portion of the savings we can provide you. That is how sure we feel that we can provide you with either a lower cost, or a better proposed solution from our Internet marketing company.


We've Helped A Number Of CT Small Businesses


We have helped nearly 150 local small businesses in CT marketing their companies on the Internet with services including, website development, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, eCommerce, application development, podcast consulting, social network consulting, online lead generation, general marketing consultation, television marketing, radio marketing, and credit card processing.

Take a look at some of our most recent projects and take a look at some of our most recent search engine optimization results for local CT small businesses.


FREE Online Marketing Services We Offer


Take advantage of some of our FREE services. Our goal is to help educate you on how to effectively market your small business on the Internet through a combination of FREE and paid services. To the very left of every page of our website is an area where you can sign up for a free online marketing newsletter. We encourage you to sign up for this emarketing newsletter. From time to time, we will email you a newsletter with valuable information with tips and tricks on how to search engine optimize your website or how to search engine market your business. We will provide absolutely free information on some of the latest trends with online marketing for small business.

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